Dog Training & Behavioral Issues

January 7, 2019

Basic dog training can help in the process of fixing behavioral issues. Here’s the situation: dogs who never do any training, even good dogs with zero issues, don’t get used to listening to and working with their owners. They just do their own thing. Many times, just doing dog stuff works out fine for you and the dog. Dogs play, nap, hang out, and enjoy life. It’s all good, no problems!

Dog obedience training

However, if you have a dog with some behavioral issues like leash reactivity, resource guarding, or anxiety, it’s not working out for the best. Owners try to stop these issues. But if our dogs never listen to us about training or practicing obedience (the little moments), when we say “NO” at a critical time (the big moments) to them, they see no reason to listen.

We have to work on building up our leadership and guidance skills with our dog. Owners can do this by doing dog training like practicing obedience or even trick training. We can work on things like thresholds in the home, having our dogs wait for permission to go through the front door. Each time we practice these skills, our dogs practice listening to us. They look to us for guidance and Yes/No information while doing this training. And just like how we build habits by practicing skills, they do the same. So all that looking to us for guidance continues and expands – which will help in those big moments when you really need it!

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