Dog Training Photos and Videos

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At The Active K9, we are completely transparent in every thing we do. We show how we work with dogs. We video training sessions where we're teaching, proofing, and practicing what the dogs know. We also post how-to videos for you to train your own dogs at home. If you are doing training at home, we recommend using training collars from Herm Sprenger, Kimberland Collars, and E-Collar Technologies. Quality equipment makes a huge difference.

"​Before training, they would pull everywhere and it was really difficult to walk them at all. My two sons, 11 and 12, would be pulled out the door and down the driveway, and it was a potentially dangerous situation. After training, Rocky can even go without a leash, and they both listen really well especially with the prong collar. They'll wait at the door instead of rushing out like before. The training has made a really huge difference." -- ​Letty and Family

Dogs running

Play Time

A little bit of social and play time today.

Dog on bed

Impulse Control

This means following commands until released.

Dog at restaurant

Eating Out

This guy learned to hang out quietly at a lunch.

Dog resting

Miss Wynnie

Taking a break from training.

Dogs on beds

Dogs Relaxing on Place

Dogs can relax and be calm in your home.