Training Tips: Why Should Your Dog Wear Leash and Prong at Home

March 6, 2017

Dog training tools like the leash and prong exist for a reason: to help you train your dog. If you have any doubts at all about your dog’s behavior, it’s important to keep that leash and prong on in the home while the dog is being supervised.
In order to give any necessary guidance or corrections, you need to have a way to reach the dog. Without a leash, your dog might decide to play that fun keep away game or hide under the bed where you can’t reach him. (And dogs know when they’re wearing the equipment and what they can or can’t get away with.)

Dog Training Tools Can Help


Dog Training Tools Like The Leash And Prong Collar Can Help!

Maybe your dog is just learning the place command. If the dog leaves place without wearing that leash, how do you get him back on place? The normal method of leash pressure as guidance in your training is not available! Another example, if your dog starts chewing on the furniture, you say “No,” and you can give a leash correction. This way, the “No” means something to the dog. Without the leash and prong, your options are limited. Or, your dog is on the couch and you want him off. You can use the leash to guide him. Otherwise, you have the option to grab his collar, but one of the most likely times to get bitten is when a dog is grabbed by the collar, so having a leash is definitely safer.

Dogs can drag a leash around through the house with no problems. They are smart animals and know when you have the ability to enforce commands. Since being consistant with your leadership is so important, having your dog wear that leash and prong in the home is a crucial element in your success. I say a lot of times that we need to do our best to set our dogs up for success…but this is a time where we need to set ourselves up for success by having that immediate access to the tools we use with our dogs!!!


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