The Active Dog Walk Program

Having trouble taking a relaxed walk with your dog?

Does your dog pull or even refuse to go?

Do you avoid walking because your dog is reactive to other people or dogs?

Walking your dog should be a pleasure, something fun for both you and your dog. The Active Dog Walk Program can help you take the walk you want with your dog. This program consists of a longer session where we will introduce the dog to the prong collar pressure and then work with the dog to cultivate a really nice, calm walk. You, the owner, will learn right along with your dog and will practice your leash handling skills as well.

The Active Dog Walk Program also emphasizes the idea of the structured walk, where the dog walks politely beside you, no lunging, barking, sniffing, or marking. The walk should be approximately 80% structure and 20% free (where the dog is allowed potty time, sniffing, etc). We want the dog to be tuned into the owner, not just held back from pulling down the street. We want the dog to stop and sit when you stop, to turn when you turn, to be in sync with you. This is what makes for an amazing walk with your dog.

We will go over all of the basics you need for continued success with your walk. The Active Dog Walk Program has helped many people achieve a calm, pleasant walk with their dog when they didn’t know if it was possible. Let us know if we can help you!

Rates: $250 for a 1.5-2 hour session. There is also a mileage charge of $0.50 per mile for travel over 30 miles If you do not already have prong collar (I recommend Herm Sprenger brand brand for dogs over 20lbs and Kimberland Collars for the smaller dogs), I can provide one.

To get started, please fill out our contact form.
If you are curious for more details about how we do our training, make sure to check out my Facebook page! We post many photos, videos, and training tips daily of the dogs that are in training!