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Man and dog at lake


"Here is a  small update on how Elsa has been doing after we took her to Amy.....The change in her attitude was insane. She became so much obedient inside the house. She would calm down quickly if we ask her to; she would sit until we tell her to get up....  A friend was home on Friday. She was scared to come home because Elsa was jumping on her too much the last time she came home. This time, we asked Elsa to stay in her bed which is in the living room.  She just stayed there calmly playing with her bone all the time.... Basically, I am more confident to handle her now because she is so much obedient to me....Her walking has improved so much that I have even been able to go on bike while she runs beside me...." -- Vishnu A.

Dog at ballpark


"When we started working with you, Susie was shy and very much lacking direction. I was not confident as a dog owner either, and it was clear that we were not able to communicate with each other very well. Walks were stressful as she would pull on the leash and go crazy for squirrels and other critters. Her greetings of both dogs and people were too enthusiastic and it was only a matter of time before someone was hurt.
After working with you, our relationship has improved tremendously. I never really had a bad dog, but now I have the tools to tell her what I want from her and the knowledge to interpret what she is telling me. I enjoy her company so much, and love being able to take her with me when I go places. Walks and hikes are actually fun for both of us now! I am also more confident when handling her both at home and out in public.
Thank you so much for your patience and great ideas and advice. I always felt you wanted the best for me and for Susie no matter the issue we were tackling. NO ONE should give up on their dog without first trying training with you and The Active K9."
--Sara A.
Dog on leash


"Oh my word!!!!!!! A completely transformed dog!!!! I didn't do much last night and was a little nervous about this morning but had no issue with putting the collar on correctly and kept my arms relaxed but had very little correcting to do. Amazing!!!! Can't wait to teach my kids how to do this so that Jacie has consistent handling. I'll continue to fine tune what we learned yesterday, get my money together and continue with more training. I'm so excited!!!!!"
"Thank you!!!!" -- Karen W.

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"She is doing great. We are working hard to be consistent with her. Our neighbors were impressed with her walking and sitting when we stopped." -- Susan P.

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"Amy took our dog, Remi, for training after a long battle of us not being able to let her off leash when outside.  After just 1 training session we already saw a huge improvement!  After she worked with Remi we are so happy to say we can let her off leash at home and wherever off leashing is permitted. She is free to run around but will not run away! She will be seeing our new dog Stella very soon to help us with her 'counter surfing' problem!  Thanks again, Amy!"  -- ​The Leach Family

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​"Amy has been amazing working with our dog Lola. I really wanted to walk her but wasn't able to because she would pull or try to dart after other animals or people. And after a very short time working with Amy, I can now walk her peacefully along with my 3 year old and she doesn't pull. She obeys and she listens, and Amy has been wonderful in helping Lola become an even more enjoyable part of our family." -- Mirella and Family

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"Macy would jump all over me when I went outside. I've gotten scratched and bruised because of her. Also, I couldn't work in the yard because she was all underfoot all the time, always wanting me to pet her. After your visit, Macy has not jumped on me since! She runs and plays and jumps, but she does not jump on me. That's a good deal." -- ​Edna H.

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Rocky & Roxy

[Rocky (100lbs) and Roxy (80lbs) are young sibling Mastiffs.]

"​Before training, they would pull everywhere and it was really difficult to walk them at all. My two sons, 11 and 12, would be pulled out the door and down the driveway, and it was a potentially dangerous situation. After training, Rocky can even go without a leash, and they both listen really well especially with the prong collar. They'll wait at the door instead of rushing out like before. The training has made a really huge difference." -- ​Letty and Family

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"Stella was constantly getting in the trash. She'd gone to the vet for over $900 in treatment because she ate things she wasn't supposed to. After training with Amy, she doesn't even look at the garbage can any more."  -- The Leach Family

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"I just wanted to tell you .... how much more relaxed and happy and playful Wesley is since being with you." -- Kylene V.