Online Dog Training While Social Distancing

During these trying times, it is important for all of us to be as supportive and positive as possible. The importance of community is more important than ever, and we at Active K-9 want to be a contributor in the ways we can, in order to make these days at home a little easier.

So, if you’re having some problems with your pooch, we are now offering Online Dog Training for convenience - and to help!

With our online sessions, you can learn the following from the comfort of your own home:

  • On and Off Leash Obedience/Problem Solving Training Sessions
  • Behavior Modification Training Sessions
  • Single Sessions are available, 1 Hour Session is $95

On and Off Leash Obedience Training and Problem Solving (4 sessions):

During these Online Private Training Sessions, Amy will coach, evaluate and assist as you work with your puppy or dog, developing a comprehensive training program to help in the journey of achieving your goals regarding obedience and behavior.

What you get:

  • A weekly 1 hour private video session which includes demonstrations, coaching, evaluation, answering questions and trouble-shooting of your work with your puppy or dog
  • Opportunity for you to share private videos of you working with your puppy or dog, for review and discussion by Amy
  • Email/text support for any questions throughout the week
  • Weekly training objectives and homework personalized for you and your dog
  • List of training tools needed for your particular dog’s training goals (Herm Sprenger Prong Collar, 6ft leash, Educator Brand E-collar, long line, crate, treat bag, etc.)

The topics we can cover include:

  • Walk Politely with you On and Off Leash (E-Collar Heel)
  • Sit/Stay
  • Down/Stay
  • Place Command
  • Recall/Come
  • Duration Work (long stays with distractions)
  • Crate Training
  • Waiting at Thresholds (Doors, Car, Crate, etc.)
  • Engagement on Walks and Confidence Building

We can also focus on any minor behavior issues, such as:

  • Jumping, nipping, mouthing
  • Leash pulling/lunging
  • Excessive barking/whining
  • Counter-surfing
  • Chasing cats/small critters and animals
  • Digging holes

This program is designed to help you not only teach your dog obedience commands and develop off leash reliability, it also helps you to have a calmer, more polite and balanced dog. AND as a bonus, your dog handling and leadership skills grow each time you practice!

Important to note: There is practice required between lessons. It is really important that the training be worked on diligently between sessions and by the whole family. Ultimately you are the dog trainer, as you will be working with your dog daily to ensure the knowledge and application of these commands is followed through.

Most importantly, we want you to be as excited about your dog’s transformation as we are and we need everyone involved to be on-board! Feel rest assured, we’re here for you, even after our training sessions have ended - you can always reach out with questions!

Rate: $395 (4 sessions)

***Aggression issues (excessive growling or biting/attempted biting of people, other dogs or animals), extreme leash reactivity (barking and lunging at other dogs, redirecting/biting the leash, intense fixation and drive), and extreme anxiety/fear/OCD cases need more intensive training with our Online Behavior Modification Program.

Online Behavior Modification Program (8-12 sessions)

This behavior modification program is for dogs with severe behavior problems, that may include the following:

  • Dog-on-Dog Aggression
  • Human Aggression
  • Food and/or Resource Guarding
  • Separation Anxiety (Breaking out of kennels, chewing through doors, destroying furniture, injuring themselves when left alone)
  • Severe Fear and Confidence Issues
  • Reactivity On-Leash (barking and lunging at other dogs or people, redirecting/biting the leash/handler/other dog, intense fixation and prey drive)
  • Extreme Crate/House Soiling (Potty) Issues

In addition to all of the skills, curriculum and correspondence with Amy as listed in the Online Private Obedience Training Sessions (above), this program is also longer so that it is customized to address your dog’s specific behavioral issues, and includes things like muzzle conditioning, counter conditioning, handling desensitization, etc.  Please contact me so that we can discuss the severity of your dog’s behavioral issues, as well as if you’ve had some training before, so that we may create a program to fit the goals for you and your dog.

Rates:  Starting at $750

Learn to train your dog from the comfort of your own home! Create a unity between your furry family member and yourself, sign up for our online videos by calling (919) 307-1888, or contact us online today!