Will Dog Training Help My Dog?

November 24, 2017

You ask, “Will dog training help my dog?” Here’s the short and sweet answer: yes, dog training will help your dog! There are 2 areas we focus on for helping your dog. The first is teaching obedience, tricks, etc. The second is stopping unwanted behaviors.

If you need your dog to be more obedient and mind you, or you just want your dog to learn some new tricks, dog training will help.

If you need your dog to stop unwanted or destructive behaviors, dog training will help your dog.

And no dog is too old, too big, or too small for training!!!

Will dog training help? Dog training helped these dogs

Will dog training help me? My dog won’t listen! YES!

To help your dog to be obedient, we introduce your dog to leash or Ecollar pressure, and we teach him how to turn that pressure off. We then use a combination of leash/Ecollar pressure, luring, food reward, and physical or special pressure to shape the behaviors we want.

To stop unwanted behaviors, we teach your dog the basic concepts of YES and NO, so that we can clearly and definitively communicate to your dog what we want and what we don’t want. We attach a high value to both these words (YES and NO) so that they have tremendous meaning to your dog.

The key in all this is to have crystal clear communication with our dogs. Our words don’t have value or meaning unless we associate some value to them. Think about this: most dogs perk up at the words “cookie” or “treat” because we have associated a dog treat with those words. But a marker word like YES or NO often does not have a value associated with it so the word itself is meaningless to the dog.

Will Dog Training Help My Dog? He Gets In The Trash! YES!

So how do you get started on all this? There are a ton of online resources to help if you want to do it yourself. Take a look at my youtube channel or facebook page for how-to videos and training tips. If you want TAK9 to help, check out our programs and rates page for more information.

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