Raleigh Dog Training Tips To Have A Calm Walk With Your Dog

September 25, 2017

Here are some dog training tips for a calm walk with your dog! Dogs know when it’s time for a walk. You grab your keys, the leash, and Fido gets super excited because he knows it’s walk time.

Dog Training Tips for Walking Calm Dogs

We want our dogs to be happy when it’s time for that walk – but being overly excited or aroused leads to dogs making poor choices and exhibiting unruly behavior. It’s our job to take the edge off that craziness before leaving the house, because it’s only going to create worse problems on the walk.

Introducing Thresholds

This is where thresholds come in. By having your dog wait at the doorway for your permission to go, we know that:

  1. your dog is listening to you,
  2. the dog is exhibiting good impulse control,
  3. the dog is making good decisions.

If your dog is excited and not interested in listening, you can stand and wait however long it takes for the excitement to dissipate, or you can simply issue a leash correction for the behavior. Either way, taking the time to get rid of the arousal means you are in for a much calmer time on your walk!

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