Raleigh Dog Training Places to work your Dog and Get Needed Stuff!

January 7, 2017

Raleigh dog training places — like ​Lowes and Home Depot offer great opportunities for dog training! Your dog must really pay attention while you are moving and negotiating isles. When you stop, your dog should practice his sit or down while you browse. And, you can use the flat carts to build your dog’s confidence. Here are the details:

Driving with dog to Lowes

Your dog must work hard to pay attention as you negotiate the isles and turns and displays, while not reacting to peple with carts, loud noises, strange smells and other distractions. This is actually a ton of mental work for your dog.

When you stop to browse, your dog uses good impulse control to hang out in that sit or down while you look at all the cool stuff available. Even with carts or people passing by, your dog gets that great practice of holding command with distractions.

Raleigh Dog Training Places Like Lowes And Home Depot Are Fun!

And the coolest part, there are those slightly unstable flat carts which are great for doing some place command on! This can really help build confidence in the dog once he knows that despite the unstable surface, he can do what you are asking. And, take the time to be sure your dog goes on and off the cart at a normal speed, not rushing because it’s wobbly and he’s afraid. If he does speed up when hopping off, simply have him get on and off several times until he relaxes and walks normally.

To keep people from causing too much distraction to your dog by petting him (because often they will try), tell the inquiring parties “No petting, he’s in training.” Normally people are very understanding of this.


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