Raleigh Dog Training Locations for All-Around Fun

December 18, 2016

Every day is a training day with our dogs! When you are able to go out with your dog, it’s the most fun when there are dog-friendly places that both you and your dog can enjoy! When I have my dogs at Cameron Village, I know we will have a great time and get in some training!

Cameron Village is one of my favorite places to take a dog in Raleigh. There are a ton of people, kids, and other dogs out walking. There are dog-friendly stores and restaurants with outdoor seating for you and your dog. So it’s really the best of both worlds!

‚ÄčI can work on walking calmly past people, other dogs, kids, strollers, etc. I can work on keeping my dog tuned into me despite all the distractions all around us.

The dog-friendly shops give me the opportunity to walk around displays, have the dog sit while I stop to look and shop, and not sniffing and pulling to things!

You Will Find Many Dogs At Cameron Village

dogs at cameron village

The restaurants with outside seating provide a great time for practicing down-stays while I eat. It is also a nice way to give my dog a chance to relax and have a break from all the commotion we encounter on the walk and in the shops.

Cameron Village is a great combination of the active training – walking, sitting, listening and responding, and the passive training of the down-stay, and I love visiting with my dog whenever I can!


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