Puppy Training Tips

August 27, 2020

You can start puppy training the day you bring your puppy home. Starting the training process right away will not only help with potty training, but will also help tire your puppy out, give him or her a mental workout and help create the adult dog that you want to have.

When you start with your puppy, remember “PTPPC.” It stands for Potty, Training, Play, Potty, Crate. If you follow this protocol, it will help with your potty training schedule and keep your new puppy focused; helping to avoid your puppy to be bored and chewing on furniture or shoes.

PTPPC – Creating structure for your puppy

Potty: Take the puppy outside to potty. If your puppy has issues making it outside before going, try carrying your puppy to the potty spot. Use the same potty spot each time, and give your puppy a “Go Potty” command. You can use a food reward and praise after your puppy successfully potties each time.

Training: Spend 10 or 15 minutes training your puppy with some of the puppy training tips listed below. Use the puppy’s daily kibble as a reward or food lure. Puppies love training and will have a super fun time working with you, learning new things and bonding with you!

Play: Spend another 10 minutes playing tug or ball with your puppy. Your puppy will be worn out by the end of this!!!

Potty: Repeat the earlier potty step.

Crate: Put the puppy away so he can rest and recover! Puppies need to sleep about 20 out of every 24 hours, so no need to feel bad about putting your puppy in his crate!


Five Training Tips for your Puppy

Here are some ideas for training your puppy that will help you create a well-rounded puppy:

1) Crate training – this is one of the most important skills your puppy can have and one of the main ways to get your potty training done. Crating helps to create structure, gives your puppy a place to nap and recover from training and playtime. It also gives you a safe place to leave your puppy when you can’t supervise him.

Here is a video on using a food lure to work crate training with a puppy: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=763013137223306

** Use the puppy’s daily kibble – not treats – for training. **

2) Obedience basics – using food lures and rewards, you can teach and practice sit, down, place, and recall with your new puppy. This really uses your puppy’s brain and will wear him out! Plus, you will create a fantastic foundation of obedience skills which will be great to have when your puppy grows up!

Here’s a video of one way to start the Down command:


Here’s a video of working with your puppy on recall to place:


3) Leash work/ Tethering – you can use a food reward to start basic pressure and release with the leash. This is crucial to having a dog who will be good on a leash when you walk. Also, having your puppy spend some time tethered is a great thing to practice. It’s important that a puppy learn that there are times when he or she isn’t going to be directly involved with you. So you take your puppy’s leash and attach it to a piece of furniture. Your puppy will quickly learn that he can’t pull to get to you and then will settle down and relax.

Here are some videos on how to start to teach leash pressure with a puppy:



4) Confidence building/Exposure – have your puppy walk or climb on a variety of surfaces, maybe unstable or wobbly things, go to different places, see different things, people and dogs. This does not mean that the puppy needs to meet every new person. This can create a ton of excitement around new people which can lead to puppies jumping, pulling, etc. towards new people or dogs.

5) Handling/Grooming/Dremeling Nails – practice being able to touch every part of your puppy, look in his ears, eyes, mouth, etc., while your puppy holds still. This simulates going to the vet and being examined. Practice your puppy being still and cooperative for grooming and for nail maintenance. Getting a puppy used to a Dremel is a great thing and will make all your future nail trims super easy!

Need Additional Help?

When it comes to puppy training, every pup is different. If you are still having trouble with training your puppy – we are here to help! Call (919) 307-1888, or visit theactivek9.net/contact-us for your puppy training needs today.

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