How to Choose The Right Trainer For Your Dog

May 14, 2020

Choosing the right trainer for your dog can be a difficult and emotional process. You want to find a dog trainer who has the most chance to get the results you are looking for and who will work with your dog in a way that you are comfortable with.

The right dog trainer should be transparent and open about training methods and tools…someone who shows all of their work. Check their website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or other social media outlets. You can get a really good feel for a trainer by watching a few videos of their work. Also, the right trainer should answer your questions directly and be honest with you about the expectations that you have for your dog.

The right dog trainer should be supportive of the client before, during and after training. Having a dog with serious behavioral issues is daunting and can make you feel like you haven’t done a good job as an owner. But you shouldn’t be shamed or made to feel bad about it, because many, many people actually have had this experience (which is why so many dogs are taken to the pound). As an owner, you need to get empowered. You need to be able to follow along with the training your dog is receiving at his board & train. You need to learn how to be the handler and be able to work with your dog in order to have success after the training.

The right dog trainer does not give guarantees about your dog and the results you will get from training. Each dog learns things differently and progresses at his own rate. Dogs aren’t robots. So giving any kind of guarantee is really not possible.

Taking your time and thoroughly investigating the trainers you are interested in for transparency, client support and training expectations, is your best bet at finding the right dog trainer for your dog.

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