Dog Training Collars

January 1, 2018

Dog training collars are how we communicate with our dogs, and we need to have quick, clear communication to help our dogs understand what we want. In other words, Yes and No.


Some dog training collars only allow us to contain or hold our dogs back, while others don’t allow clear enough communication.


Dog Training Collars I Use


Dog Training Collars - Success with the Prong

Two of my go-to dog training collars are the prong collar and the e-collar, and here’s why:


Technology has made these two tools really precise in their operation, so the communication is crystal clear. Both these collars are designed to have the pressure applied when you communicate stop the instant you release either the leash tension or the e-collar stim button.


These tools, when properly introduced and used, are not harmful and some of the least intrusive tools. E-collars in particular can help dogs when other pressure sources (flat collars, slip leads, etc.) are too much pressure.


Dogs do not mind these training collars, and in fact become more responsive and aware of their owners because of these collars, therefore creating a better relationship.


You can correct unwanted behavior as well as provide guidance to your dog with these dog training collars.


You create a calmer dog by using these tools. The dog relaxes under clear guidance, communication, and leadership.


As a dog trainer, I can transfer the ability to use these tools with success much more quickly than with other dog training collars. Both owners and I achieve success in training much faster with these tools.


It’s a safer way to work with your dog, because you have an increased ability to handle situations which may arise.


And last, the e-collar can give you and your dog off-leash freedom.


The Right Dog Training Collars For You


Choosing the right dog training collar is a personal decision for each owner, but I focus on the prong and e-collar because of the success I have seen over and over. For more information on these dog training collars, how to introduce them, and how to use them, take a look at the training videos and how-to videos on my Facebook page and Youtube channel.


For more information about my training philosophy, take a look at the FAQ.

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