Clean Up On Aisle 4!

November 28, 2016

Potty training can be the worst. All that clean up, all that frustration, all the anticipation of the next horror that awaits you over in the corner where the dog likes to go. UGH!!! And it seems to take forever! Here are some tips to help things out, and maybe speed the process up a little!
​Here are my 2 most important potty training tips: have structure and schedule.

Structure means that the dog is either crated or in command until he or she has pottied outside. No playing, no free roaming, none of that is allowed until a successful bathroom trip outside happens. Then, you can allow your dog to play and be free. How much free time will depend on your dog, but this limits the dog’s ability to potty in inappropriate places or to have an accident while getting too excited at play.

Dog in Grass

​Schedule means making sure that you have regular times that you and the dog are used to for taking potty breaks. This can really help the dog to know there’s a potty break coming up. And, of course, the younger the pup or the more accidents he has, the more scheduled potty times he needs.

Having structure and a good schedule can help to minimize the frustration that you feel when your dog has accidents in the house because you are setting your dog up to have the best chance for success! Hope these potty training tips help!


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