5 Easy At Home Dog Training Tips

March 2, 2020

Here are some easy at home training tips to help you train your dog!

#1. Keep a leash on your dog while supervised in the home, especially during training sessions.

Using a leash will help give your dog guidance when training. For example, if you are teaching a dog to sit, simply apply light upwards leash pressure to help the dog understand what to do.

You can also use the leash when necessary to remove a dog from an unwanted situation, for example if he is on the couch without permission.

In fact, the safest way to move a dog is with the leash, as some dogs do not react well to being grabbed by the collar or worse, by the scruff.

#2. Use the dog’s daily kibble for training.

Having a dog who will work for his food is more fun because he is super motivated to work with you in training. He will be trying his best to train hard and earn the kibble.

You want a dog who really wants to work with you! Plus, using too many dog treats can cause an upset stomach.

When we have a dog come in for training, we always use his daily kibble to keep him excited about training and working hard.

#3. Use structure in the home to help with issues such as potty training, chewing furniture, counter surfing, etc.

This means that you teach your dog place, down and crating, so that you can ask your dog to stay on place (a dog bed or cot).

You know that while the dog is on place, he is not having potty accidents in the home nor chewing the sofa. If you can’t supervise him, then the dog can relax in his crate for a time.

Obviously, there should be plenty of exercise and play in the dog’s life, but you pick the times for those activities so that other times the dog can hang out and not be disruptive.

TIP: We have how-to videos to help you train your dog on place!

#4. Use thresholds to teach impulse control.

Thresholds are any doorway, gate or entrance that you designate. When you are ready to go outside, for example, you typically go to the front door, right? You want the dog to look to you for guidance on whether to go through that door.

You can teach this several ways:

  • Start to open the door, and if the dog starts to go without permission, you simply close it. Repeat until the dog sits or waits (without being asked) for you to let him know it’s ok to go.
  • Use the leash to assist in working on thresholds.

#5. And last, have your dog earn privileges like furniture time.

If a dog listens to your commands on a regular basis, but can still hop on the couch any old time he likes, that’s not a good thing.

Hold your dog accountable for what he knows and when he does a great job; reward him with things like affection, couch time or a treat.

Need Additional Help?

Every dog is different. If you are still having trouble with training your dog, we are here to help! Call (919) 307-1888, or visit theactivek9.net/contact-us for your dog training needs today.


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