The Active K9’s one week dog obedience board and train is a program for your dog to learn on leash obedience basics! This is a very intensive program where your dog is immersed in a 24/7 training setting. The training lifestyle includes structure, rules, socialization, and some supervised play. This On Leash Obedience Board and Train program is great for owners who want terrific obedience with the added bonus of improving their relationship with their dog.

During the one week of training at my home, dogs develop an excellent training foundation and calmer state of mind. This makes it easier to continue the training once the dog returns home.
This dog training program is for dogs older than 6 months without behavioral issues (no human or dog aggression, excessive fear or anxiety).

This is a great dog training program if your dog:

  • Has a ton of energy and doesn’t know how to be calm
  • Knows obedience but can’t stay in command
  • Chews furniture, eats inappropriate things or garbage dives
  • Gets too excited and won’t listen
  • Can’t be walked because he is too reactive when he sees other people or dogs
  • Is a really awesome dog but just needs a little help
  • This is a great program for the owner if you:
  • Don’t have a ton of time at home for training
  • Aren’t sure how to address some of the issues you are having
  • Are frustrated with your dog and want him to progress faster
  • Are going on vacation and would like to come home to a trained dog
  • Would like the training done quickly so you can enjoy your dog more

During the one week dog obedience board and train, your dog will learn a foundation of obedience behaviors including:

  • Polite Leash Walking
  • Sit/Stay
  • Down/Stay
  • Place Command
  • Crating Up (Crate Training)
  • Duration Training (long down-stays with distractions)
  • Waiting for food
  • Waiting at thresholds (doors, cars, crate, etc)

If you have minor issues like counter-surfing, excessive barking, or jumping, nipping, mouthing on people, we will work to resolve those issues as well. However, if you have more serious behavior problems, a two week board and train is going to be able to better address your dog's issues.

This one week Obedience Board and Train includes an initial 30 minute consultation with you on drop-off and a 2 hour session at pick-up. At the pick-up session, we help you to learn the techniques you will need to use with your dog, as well as the action plan to follow to insure the greatest success for you and your dog. Your dog will take home his very own prong/training collar. Our job here is to help YOU succeed with your dog, and just because a trainer can get your dog to have great obedience and mindset doesn’t mean it will always happen with you. That is why even after you take your dog home, we are available to help you via email and phone to assist you should any issues come up.

Rates: $750 for 1 week, which includes the dog’s prong collar. ** Additional weeks are available for $500 each.

** A day in the life of a board and train dog **
7am – 8am Wake up, go potty, have breakfast
8am – 9am Walk (depending on the weather)
9am – 12pm Training sessions (Your dog may do multiple short sessions or one long sessions. It depends on how we feel your dog works best.)
12pm – 1:30pm Lunchtime
1:30pm – 5pm Training sessions
5pm – 6pm Dinner
6pm – 8pm Movie time (Dogs practice duration down-stays while we watch a movie.)
8pm – 8:30pm Potty time

If you are curious for more details about what a day in the life of a Board and Train dog looks like, make sure to check out my Facebook page! We post many photos, videos, and training tips daily of the dogs that are in training!

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