Puppy Boarding And Training Conveniently Combined in North Carolina

December 2, 2019

Puppy Boarding And Training Conveniently Combined in North Carolina

Today, residents of the Greater Raleigh, North Carolina Area discover advantages in combining puppy boarding and training. This strategy helps lay a constructive foundation for an effective dog obedience training regimen later in a pup’s life. In the short-term, it brings greater peace of mind to busy households. Week long, intensive puppy training addresses a common source of daily tension: pet housebreaking accidents.

The Problem of a Poorly Housebroken Pet

Sometimes new pet owners experience dismay after acquiring a puppy from a dog breeder or an animal shelter. Because a puppy typically fails to distinguish between a living room carpet and a designated outdoor pet elimination area. Cleaning up canine housebreaking accidents distresses most people. Members of the household may find themselves resenting the puppy after discovering repeated “accidents” indoors.

These types of mishaps sometimes result in hefty bills. They may necessitate more frequent carpet and upholstery cleaning, for example. An incontinent puppy can even strain a marital relationship. One simple solution involves combining puppy boarding and training. In Raleigh, NC the Active K-9 offers a useful one-week program to address this vexing problem.

The Bottom Line: Pet Housebreaking Does Not Happen Automatically

Sometimes people who have never kept a dog previously express surprise at housebreaking accidents. Furthermore, they may wonder why their new pet does not automatically know to go outdoors to urinate or defecate? Consequently owners may even seek to punish puppies for indoor accidents.

Above all pet owners need to remember an important point. Just like human babies, puppies lack voluntary bowel and bladder control. Of course this means they need to learn to eliminate on schedule. Punishing these types of accidents simply frightens the pet. Therefore, do not do it!

Puppy Boarding And Training: An Unbeatable Combo

Why should new pet owners consider placing their puppy in an intensive week-long training course? This type of program of course is not free. Nevertheless, this puppy boarding and training combined together ultimately pays for itself. It typically makes the housebreaking process much easier for everyone. Training reduces property damage caused by repeated pet accidents. Additionally, it helps control other unwanted puppy behaviors.

Overall a new puppy owner should consider the positive consequences of puppy boarding and training:

    • A full-time trainer focuses upon housebreaking 24/7
    • Your puppy becomes accustomed to defecating and urinating outdoors
    • This process occurs on a repeated, consistent basis throughout the week, thus instilling the concept of going potty outdoors.
    • Your puppy consistently receives positive reinforcement for following housebreaking rules all day every day steady for 7 days.
    • Ultimately this strong 7 day intense training establishes a the desired pattern for your puppy to be housebroken.

Now it’s up to the new puppy parent to maintain this desirable pattern.

Dogs maintain a keener sense of smell than humans. When a canine answers the call of nature, the pup relies upon scent to stimulate this process. That’s why a puppy who defecates or urinates indoors often keeps repeating this mistake in the same place. The leftover odor from a previous accident indoors, unfortunately┬ástimulates the pup’s urge to eliminate.

Puppy boarding and training occurring over the course of a week helps instill important behavioral changes. Your puppy performs eliminations outdoors (not inside). Meanwhile, you enjoy a better opportunity to completely remove traces of previous indoor accidents.

Successful Housebreaking Requires Owner Follow Up

Consider this: Can a professional pet trainer housebreak a puppy for a customer in a single week? Yes, if the pet owners perform the required follow up. Customers who fail to commit to this process miss a golden opportunity. Pet owners must take many of their own important steps in order to help their puppy retain what it learns during the 7 day training.

Pet Owner Responsibilities Include but are NOT LIMITED to:

1. Completely eliminate the odor of previous pet accidents from the home.
2. Feed the puppy on a regular schedule.
3. Walk the puppy outdoors about 20 minutes after every feeding.
4. Praise the pup enthusiastically for house training successes!

Pet owners need to follow up with their pet after using a puppy boarding and training program. Customers receive detailed instructions from the Active K-9. By adhering to this advice closely, you’ll enjoy a much easier time house training your new puppy.

This Process Assists Older Dogs, Too

Puppy boarding and training works most effectively for puppies, of course. Yet the same type of intensive program may also benefit older dogs. As pets age, they sometimes become resistant to house training. Remember, adult dogs developed unwanted habits over a longer period of time. Sometimes even well-trained dogs lose temporary control for medical reasons, or when experiencing strong emotions (like excitement or anxiety).

The Active K-9 serves customers across Raleigh, NC. Do you live in Six Forks or Stonehenge? Have you searched for a skilled pet trainer in Chapel Hill or Midtown? Consider calling upon us for all your puppy boarding and training needs. We’ll also help you housebreak and train adult dogs.

We’ve made training canines our mission.

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