Obedience Training: A “Win-Win” For Both Dogs And People

November 20, 2019

Obedience Training: A “Win-Win” For Both Dogs And People


When dog owners enroll in dog obedience training classes in Raleigh NC, many hope to curtail undesirable pet behaviors. Disruptive canine activities like excessive barking, housebreaking failures, and chewing furniture make keeping a pet challenging. Even devoted animal lovers may question their own wisdom in living with an unruly, boisterous dog.

Yet a high quality dog obedience training class ideally produces a positive impact on the entire household. It should enhance an owner’s peace of mind and sense of assurance. People who invest energy training their dogs also strengthen the human-animal bond. An owner gains confidence a beloved pet will respond to potentially life-saving commands appropriately during emergencies.

When Obedience Counts

Some key statistics testify to the benefits of dog obedience training for pets. The ASPCA reports approximately 3.3 million dogs wind up in animal shelters every year in the United States alone. Many dogs surrendered for adoption (or “rehoming”) lost homes due to behavioral problems. Roughly 670,000 homeless dogs cannot find adoptive families. Instead, shelters euthanize them.

So, clearly, learning to follow human commands well improves a puppy’s prospects in life. A variety of concerns cause people to seek new homes for their pets. For example disobedience, size issues, and medical conditions. Making the effort to provide dog obedience training for a pet could prove life-saving for the animal someday. If a dog ever enters the shelter system, knowing basic commands increases his chances for survival significantly.

The Benefits of Dog Obedience Training For Humans

Yet the process of participating in dog obedience training classes benefits owners, too. People acquire important skills while they train their pets. Just consider a few of these advantages:

Enhance Your Safety Around Dogs

One benefit of training an active dog involves increased personal safety. Some exuberant dogs possess the capability to knock people to the ground. Even a friendly greeting from an overly rambunctious house pet can result in unintended painful injuries. By learning how to train your canine, you’ll also discover important self-protective measures to take when moving around dogs.

Gain Your Dog’s Attention at Will

Perhaps equally important, dog training assists people in gaining a pet’s complete attention. It is clear that most all untrained canines disregard human commands. They focus on whatever interests them at the moment: other dogs, wildlife, food, the neighbor’s cat, etc.,… Owners who acquire dog training skills learn to command their pet’s undivided attention. You’ll gain the ability to direct your dog’s behavior more effectively.

Develop Confidence

By learning to train a dog, an owner develops greater assurance in addressing a variety of challenging pet behaviors. Typically, a dog’s overall conduct at home improves. Teaching the dog to sit or lie down on command helps owners prevent many troublesome canine activities, for example. Most dogs won’t bark for extended periods of time while lying down.

Enjoy Greater Peace of Mind

Pet owners who invest in dog training classes also enjoy an enhanced ability to control their dog during emergencies. If your dog starts running towards a busy road, the command “sit” could prevent an accident. A pet who strays off the property responds to the order: “Come!”. You’ll avoid problems caused by your dogs jumping on visitors or chasing passing bicycles or joggers. The improved ability to control your dog’s impulsive behavior permits more carefree pet ownership.

Impress Your Friends

Obviously, most people discover learning pet training skills helps them teach dogs fun tricks. Friends and family members notice the improvements in behavior. Instead of posing a nuisance, a friendly, obedient dog actually enhances many social gatherings. This type of canine companion can safely accompany children and participate in a variety of outdoor recreational activities.

Schedule Your First Dog Obedience Training Class Now

Today, experts know dog obedience training assists canines of all ages. Even older dogs benefit from attending these classes. While puppies typically respond faster, mature dogs do possess the ability to learn new skills, too. Dog training sessions help people improve their control over their pets in daily life.

In Raleigh, North Carolina, the Active K-9 offers valuable dog obedience training services. We seek to help pet owners develop more rewarding and meaningful relationships with their dogs. Owning a dog should provide a source of joy in your life, not anxiety or embarrassment. If an unruly puppy or dog causes you concern, consider enrolling your pet in one of our programs today.

We serve the entire Raleigh NC Area, and outlying communities. Residents from Stonehenge and Bryson Village to Five Points and Oakwood use our services.

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