Dog Walking Offers Important Exercise Benefits For Your Pooch

December 20, 2019

Today, dog walking supplies valuable benefits for pet owners and their canine companions. Households in the Greater Raleigh Area frequently enjoy this recreational pursuit. Taking a leashed dog on a casual stroll provides a great way to for everyone to obtain healthy outdoor activity!

Dogs Require Exercise

Dogs obtain numerous advantages by exercising regularly. Wild dogs travel long distances during hunts, for example. They develop agility and strong muscles through vigorous outdoor romping. Their domesticated cousins usually reside indoors for extended periods of time. Yet modern dogs also need some level of outdoor activity to remain healthy and trim.

Indeed, dogs in this era sometimes suffer from obesity. This problem almost never afflicts wild canine species. House dogs tend to receive far less exercise than wolves or coyotes. And of course this inactivity will likely eventually cause health problems for them. Weak muscles and extensive fat deposits harm couch potatoes. Over time, dogs in this condition become prone to developing muscle strains and even joint problems. They may suffer from chronic diseases which would not afflict a vigorous, active pet.

Dog Walking Offers a Great Solution!

Particularly if they live in apartments or condos, dogs sometimes lack safe outdoor exercise opportunities. Walking on a leash helps remedy this situation, in part. It also provides a great way for a pet and a pet owner to develop a powerful bond. By learning to pace themselves to accommodate humans, dogs grow more attentive. They become receptive to acquiring other valuable obedience training skills.

Dog walking accordingly permits a canine to venture outdoors under controlled conditions. The leash enables an owner to restrain the pet from pursuing passing vehicles, joggers, or other distractions. Which is why leashed dogs avoid the hazards which frequently hurt strays in urban, high-traffic zones. The leash eventually becomes a subtle communications tool, alerting the pet to a human’s direction and pace. By mastering the art of dog walking, pet owners communicate more effectively with their four-footed companions.

Dogs Walking With People in Tow?

A beautiful rapport between a leashed dog and a pet owner does not develop automatically, of course. Therefore, think of it as an acquired skill. We’ve all witnessed headstrong dogs pulling unhappy handlers along sidewalks. Furthermore these dogs may even break free from their owner to chase after cats or squirrels. In their enthusiasm, they may lunge towards passing people, bark, or even attempt to bite the leash. (If your pet has ever displayed any of these behaviors, consider yourself in good company!)

Knowledgeable dog walking provides a great means of teaching the pet to re-focus attention onto the handler. It resolves these types of all-too-common problems. Pet owners gain an enhanced ability to control unwanted dog behaviors. The Active K-9 offers a useful Active Dog Walk Program to help empower owners. We assist people in re-directing the pet’s attention in a desired way during walks on a leash. Eventually, this process becomes virtually effortless.

Have More Fun With Your Pet in Raleigh, NC

Would you like to enjoy walking your dog on a leash in North Carolina? Pleasant, relaxing outdoor exercise benefits both pets and people  Consider walking together in iconic Raleigh neighborhoods. Visit beautiful Bryson Village, Six Forks, Stonehenge, and Cameron Village. Take time to admire the landmarks in the bustling Capital District. Or from time to time the vintage architecture of stately buildings in Oakwood or Five Points.

By developing dog walking skills, you’ll maintain control over your pet even when unexpected events occur. People who train dogs often intentionally search for locales with potential distractions in the area. Dog walking under less than ideal conditions reinforces the importance of the pet placing attention on the handler. It brings greater peace of mind to an owner knowing the pet has learned to respond correctly without fail.

Benefits of Dog Walking

Just consider some of the benefits of dog walking. These advantages often carry over into other aspects of daily life:

  • Experience regular outdoor exercise.
  • Become more familiar with the local area.
  • Develop greater confidence walking your dog.
  • Inspire stronger emotional, protective bonds in your pet.
  • Share happy hours with loved ones while exercising your pet.

Some breeds maintain a reputation for “high energy” behavior. All canines require some level of outdoor activity to remain healthy, of course. Yet so-called “high energy” breeds run an elevated risk of misbehaving without it. Border Collies, Wiemaraners, Dalmations, Huskies, Irish Setters, and other energetic dogs love frequent walks!

Boisterous canines benefit enormously from dog walking. It allows them to release pent up energy in a constructive, fun way.

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