One Week Dog Obedience Training Delights Households on Vacation

January 7, 2020

Do you sometimes take extended vacations, and board your dog during your absence? Does your pet’s exuberant behavior upset members of your household? Why not resolve both these concerns easily? The Active K-9 offers a helpful intensive One Week Dog Obedience Training program in Raleigh, North Carolina. It helps lay a great foundation for teaching high energy, well-adjusted dogs some basic commands.

While you enjoy a fun week-long vacation, an experienced trainer works with your pet. We’ll teach fundamental skills. Your dog won’t pine for you while confined to a tiny kennel. Instead, let your canine companion learn how to sit and walk on a leash during your vacation. You’ll enjoy returning to discover your four-footed friend happy and better behaved!

A Calming Impact

Some dogs acquire new skills during the One Week Dog Obedience Training program faster than others, of course. Just like people, pets display different aptitudes and capabilities. By enrolling your dog in this intensive program, you’ll accomplish some important goals:

  • Board your pet in an environment involving intensive human supervision;
    Ensure your pet won’t suffer boredom during your absence;
  • Give your dog an opportunity to learn simple commands so you can continue training when you return;
  • Enjoy a worry-free vacation, knowing your pet receives excellent care;
  • Ask us to focus on the daily behavior problems of most concern to you.

Laying a Solid Training Foundation

Our One Week Dog Obedience Training course serves boisterous, friendly dogs. We don’t extend this program to aggressive or fearful pets. However, if you own an untrained but well-socialized canine, this program may fit the needs of your household perfectly. We strive to lay a great foundation for future training.

Busy people particularly appreciate the One Week Dog Obedience Training course. Its intensive nature helps impact active dogs. For example, we emphasize polite leash walking. Our staff also works to train pets to enter a dog crate on command.

Waiting Patiently at Thresholds

One strong focus of the One Week Dog Obedience Training Course concerns thresholds. Have you ever noticed your dog push past you to rush outside? Or strain at the leash to enter (or exit) a car? Accidents frequently occur in these situations. Our intensive program strives to teach dogs to wait patiently before crossing a threshold.

As you enjoy a fun-filled cruise or other relaxing leisure pursuits, we’ll work on these common canine faux paws (LOL!). Our efforts won’t necessarily produce overnight changes. Yet you will discover the dog training process proves easier as a result of this program.

Including “Down” Time in a Pet’s Routine

During the One Week Dog Obedience Training program we also provide dogs with some “down” time. Assuming a down-stay position for specific periods challenges active canines. Mastering this skill reliably on command typically requires weeks of patient repetition, of course.

By enrolling your dog in our intensive program, your pet will experience the down-stay for brief periods of time. Later, you can build upon this introduction to the basic command. When you order you dog to rest in a “down” position, the pet will have previous exposure to the down-stay. This background proves helpful for future training purposes.

Enhanced Socialization Skills

The experience of participating in our One Week Dog Obedience Training program also aids canine socialization. We offer some closely supervised play periods. The ability to meet unfamiliar dogs during leash walks without reacting assists future dog training efforts.

This intensive program benefits your pet on many levels. We offer a valuable 7-day course. Consider requesting this program to provide your active dog with training during your next vacation.

Who Should Consider The One Week Dog Obedience Program?

Our program interests pet owners for a variety of reasons. Sometimes busy households simply require a break from a beloved (but rambunctious) pooch. Our customers come from across the Greater Raleigh Area and beyond. Dogs from North Hills to Cameron Park and Brier Creek benefit from this training. If you’ve searched for a boarding program in North Carolina and your pet meets our enrollment criteria, consider contacting us!

Please share your reasons for enrolling your pet in the intensive One Week Dog Obedience Program with us. We’ll endeavor to customize this course to meet your pet’s needs to the extent possible. We want to supply outstanding service to help you accomplish your training goals for your dog. Contact us at 919-307-1888 or via the convenient online form.

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