Scheduling A Bedtime For Your Pooch: A Guide

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When you are hoping to get your dog to go to bed every night, you must use a bit of obedience training in your own house. You may have reached out in the past for help with leash training, jumping, barking, and aggressive behavior. However, you need to teach your dog to go to bed in your own house. There are a few steps below you can use to get your pet to go to bed every night at the same time without whining or climbing in your bed. Use each one patiently until your dog is going to bed every night when you do.

Use A Crate Or Cage

Most dogs need a crate or cage that is just theirs. They go there to nap sometimes, but you need them to sleep in there every night. If you have a bed for your dog instead of a crate, the same rules will apply. You simply need to decide what the best options are for your dogs because some dogs do not respond well to open beds while others hate a crate or cage.

Go To Bed The Same Time Every Night

Your dog needs consistency. Your dogs will respond to consistency so long as they are taken through the same routine every night. That routine needs to start with a bedtime that you have chosen and kept every night. When your dog gets used to going to bed every night, they will know that you expect them to go to bed. They will get better at the bedtime routine the more times you do it.

Start With Their Bed Close To Yours

You can feel free to move your dog’s bed further away over time until they can sleep without anxiety. Some families will allow the dog to sleep in the same room as them, but you need to decide what the best option is for you. Some anxious dogs need to be taken out of your room at night while others will never wake up during the night.

Go To The Bathroom Just Before Bed

You are setting a nighttime routine that your dogs will learn to anticipate. If you take your dog to the bathroom right before bed, they will not have accidents in the night because you just went out. If you skip this step, you could wake up to some unsavory smells in the morning.

Let Your Dog Calm Down

You cannot just leave your dog in their bed or crate and go to bed. You must help your dog calm down when they first start their bedtime routine. You must let your dog know that it is safe to go to bed, but you also need to tell them that you are safe. Dogs are very protective members of the family, and they need to know that going to bed in their own bed is safe for everyone.

Use The Same Language Every Night

You need to say the same words every night so that your dog knows it is bedtime when you start using bedtime words. When your pet gets used to hearing you talk about bedtime or going outside before bed, they are more likely to comply. If you use different words every night, your dog will get confused because they do not know how the bedtime routine works.


Any dog can be taught to go to bed on a schedule, but you must use all the tips above to help them transition. Your dog will not be happy when you first start doing this, but a routine will ensure that your dog goes to bed every night and sleeps through the night.

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